Real AI Underwriting Since 2019

Over 500,000 Loans Underwritten
Fannie, Freddie, FHA, VA, USDA, HFA/DPA & NonQM
Document Based with 17 years of Perfecting Rule Sets

Technology Independence is Game Changing

    Reduces underwriting, due diligence and boarding costs by roughly 2/3rd

  • AI Platform offers a significant competitive advantage shortening the loan lifecycle's days

  • Enabling mortgage players to scale their operations up and down across multiple channels more quickly

  • Cost to produce is significantly reduced so profit per loan and per trade is dramatically increased

  • Fully Conditioned in 4 to 24 hrs by Channel

True AI without the Smoke & Mirrors

What Keeps You Up At Night?

  • Struggling With Origination Costs?

  • Worried About Being Ready For The Next Industry Cycle?

  • Want To Build Scalability Without Limitations Of Past Solutions?

Zero Up Front Costs

  • Underwriting Costs Become Variable Immediately

  • Fully Operational In Weeks

  • 100% Of Files Underwritten Same Day / Next Day – No Backlogs

Try Before You Buy

  • We'll Run A Full Day’s Production (Or More) With No Cost To You.

  • Results Posted Back Within 24 Hours, Regardless Of The Unit Volume.

  • Once In Production Results Posted To Your LOS

LOS Independent

  • No System Integration (Optional) Required to launch

  • Scalable to ANY CAPACITY within 8 to 12 weeks

  • Increases Underwriter Productivity to 10+ CTCs per day

  • Cloud Based, Anywhere, Need to Know / Right to Know Access

  • AI Platform creates huge market advantage cutting days out of loan lifecycle

More Than 500,000 Files Handled

  Rate & Term
Cash Out
Purchase Active Duty VA Multi-REO inluding 8+ Self Employed
Schedule C
Self Employed
Self Employed
Self Employed
1120 C-Corp
Conventional Conforming
Conventional High Balance
FHA Full Doc Manual UW
Plus FHA Streamline
VA Full Doc Manual UW
NonQM & "NonAgency"

Channels Supported

Retail, Wholesale & Correspondent Lenders

Underwriting at every stage from TBD to Post Close / Prior to purchase Review

Trues up URLA data set based on available documents at each (Re)submission

Delivers UW Conditions, Decision Recommendation and Completed UW Workpapers (income, liabilities, assets, etc.)

Compliance Reviews TRID Analysis, LEs, COCs, CDs & ALTAs plus Deliver fully indexed documents, Trued up Data Set and Variance Report

All of the above deliverables posted to YOUR LOS same day / next day …no more backlogs

Correspondent buyers

100% Due Diligence for 1/3rd the Cost done in 10% of the Current Time. Bid Better Increase Margin & Settle Faster

Loan & MSR Traders

Friction free re-trading with zero re-touch enables up-trade/down trade reverse inquiry bidding. Even mid-trade.

Mortgage Servicers

Boarding in 10% of the Time At Significant Cost Reduction

100% Indexing & Data Reconciled To Docs of Record


Correspondent Review Breadth

MSR Trade

MSR Pool Trade On-Boarding

Limited Recourse: 24 Docs Types / 100 to 150 Fields

Co-Issue MSR Flow Trade On-Boarding

Full Recourse: 24 to 700 Doc Types / 100 to 400 Fields

Delegated Correspondent

Full Delegated Correspondent Bulk Trade

Full Recourse: 100 to 700 Doc Types / 100 to 1,800 Fields

Full Delegated Correspondent Best Effort Flow

Option for Re-Underwrite Sampling: 200 to 700 Doc Types / 100 to 3,500 Fields

Non Delegated Correspondent

Non Delegated Correspondent Flow

Option for 10% or greater Full Re-Underwrite Sampling: 400 to 700 Doc Types / 1,800 to 12,000 Fields

Non Delegated Mini-Correspondent Flow

Option for Pre-Funding QC & Full Re-Underwrite Sampling: 400 to 700 Doc Types / 1,800 to 32,000 Fields

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