AI Driven Mortgage Underwriting

Revolutionizing the Mortgage Industry

Technology Independence is Game Changing

Reduces underwriting, due diligence and boarding costs by roughly 2/3rds

LOS Independent – Systems Integration is Optional

Click ‘n Drill Transparency from Dashboards to Source Docs for Loan Level Details

  • AI Platform creates huge market advantage cutting days out of loan lifecycle

  • Profit per loan and per trade is dramatically increased

Channel Supported

Retail, Wholesale & Correspondent Lenders

Automates Agency & Government Mandatory Underwriting & Post-Close Audits
100% Post-Close Cure-then-Ship vs. Sampling Improves Execution

Corresponded buyers

100% Due Diligence for 1/3rd the Cost done in 10% of the Current Time. Bid Better Increase Margin & Settle Faster

Loan & MSR Traders

Friction free re-trading with zero re-touch enables up-trade/down trade reverse inquiry bidding. Even mid-trade.

Mortgage Servicers

Boarding in 10% of the Time At Significant Cost Reduction
100% Indexing & Data Reconciled To Docs of Record

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