About TechMor

Action over Words, Prototypes over Ideas

History and Evolution

TechMor is Mortgage Solutions division of a global services powerhouse

Leveraging technology to execute the equivalent of full doc manual underwriting since 2007 …debuted as AI / ML platform in 2019

TechMor is AI / Machine Learning Realized for Mortgage Underwriting

Rooted in of 10’s of thousands of human file review instructions encoded to AI

Evolution of Tech Components
FinTech Transformation
Bond Loan
  • Web Form for Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents
  • Enabled Instant Housing Agency loan PreQual
Forensic Underwriting
  • Expert Witness Portal
  • Empowered by Forensic Defense Underwriting for Lenders in litigation
Default Administration
  • Foreclosure Tracking Portal
  • Facilitated Asset Recovery and Tracking for tier-one banks
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